What People Say

As a participant, the things that strike me are (1) how well it engages a large crowd, and (2) the questions it raises are provocative and enlightening. The overall experience is that it truly captures the spirit and intent of a Passover Seder and that it manages to bridge the generation gaps so effectively, or, in simple terms, it has something for everyone.
–Dan Weinberg, Jewish Educator

My family has attended a “Diaspora Journey” Seder every year for the past 6 years or so, and it has been an amazing experience.  Your Haggadah takes the Passover experience to new heights.  Every year it’s a little different, with different people playing the different roles.  I also find that with each new reading, I see new insights into the Jewish experience, especially the significance of Passover, and the many challenges the Jewish people have faced throughout history.  I also love the way you include all the “key parts” from the traditional Seder, such as the four questions.  Your alternative Seder has become my children’s traditional Seder.  Thanks for enriching our lives.
— Andrea Abelman

My experience with Diaspora Journey: A Passover Haggadah Drama began with the text itself. I was captivated with the characters, the story, and the historical perspectives from Moses to modern times. Not only is it very well written, the tone, the mood, the interplay over the centuries was captivating and moving. Participating in the Seder itself was a fascinating and exhilarating experience as my fellow “actors” brought the characters to life. At a time when most people are content to forget the past it was enlightening to not only remember it but to celebrate the traditions that keep that memory alive. As a side note, it was also refreshing to have strong female characters in a typically male-dominated “liturgy.”
— Caroline Stoeppler, bibliophile and professional iconoclast

How many times have you sat in a Passover Seder, mind wandering, stomach growling, just waiting for the service to end? Step into “Diaspora Journey” and the experience is anything but mind-numbing.  This interactive Seder engages all of your senses, to create a Passover experience that makes the story — our history — come alive. Every time you take part in “Diaspora Journey,” you take away something new, something deep, as you encounter our collective story, first-hand. Take part in “Diaspora Journey” and you deepen your connection to those who have gone before us, and those who will come after us, as the journey continues.
— Audrey Galex, videographer and storyteller

Diaspora Journey: A Passover Haggadah Drama is a fantastic text – as well as a great tool of entertaining education. I’m not Jewish… but when I’ve participated in this Seder, I left the meal wishing I was.
— Debra Flanagan-Calabria, International Director/Playwright

Participating in Diaspora Journey brings back the sprit and true meaning of Passover covering generations of Judaism.  The journey through characters and through time calls upon the participants to focus on what it means to be a Jew as ours is indeed a religion and culture shaped by history and identity.  Everyone at the table partakes in a critical role telling the story of our heritage .  It goes back and forth between speakers acting as characters in Passovers of past and present .  The process wholeheartedly complements the interactive nature of the Seder.  Even when we have religious traditional Seders in our home, we read passages together from Diaspora Journey to reflect upon our cultural legacy.
— Joe and Jeanette Leader

The Diaspora Journey Haggadah provided us with a unique opportunity to break from a traditional Seder and make one Passover night truly different.  Our fellow Seder participants were moved and engaged by the combination of interesting character dialogue and standard Seder rituals.  We really enjoyed the dialogue of characters from significant eras in Jewish history and had a great deal of fun being part of a Passover cast.
— Debbie and Frank Butterfield


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